3 Steps to Choosing the Right Windows and Doors

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Choosing the best doors and windows for your new home can be challenging. There are plenty of options and many parameters we should pay attention to. And, after all, this is an extremely important investment, which is a guarantee not only of comfort, warmth, and light in the house but also of its high market value. The average return on investment for new windows is around 80%! For this reason, the joinery choice should be well thought out. If you don’t know how to go about it – you’ve come to a perfect place. Together with DAKO, a leading European manufacturer of windows and doors, we will consider how to choose window and door joinery so that you won’t regret it. 

  1. Choose the right material 

Windows and doors are available in a wide range of materials – wood, vinyl, aluminum, glass, and various combinations. Think about what material will not only be cohesive with the house’s overall design but also suitable for the climate in which you live. For example – wooden windows and doors, while very stylish, have less resistance to moisture, while vinyl windows are easy to maintain and durable.  

  1. Think about the design 

The visual aspect is an obvious issue – we want to have a joinery that matches the style of the building. Doors and windows have to be consistent in design. If you want a beautiful solution that saves you color-matching headaches, you should get a look at HarmonyLine by DAKO. HarmonyLine is a unique concept of consistent design of windows, doors, garage doors, and roller shutters together and matching the joinery to the individual character of each building. It’s a complete solution – all you have to choose is one of six modern designs and you’re done!  

  1. Pay attention to the key parameters 

Warmth, safety, and proper sound insulation – these are the key factors you should pay attention to. Proper thermal insulation will keep you comfortable, help you save on heating bills, and benefits the planet. Sound insulation is important for your privacy and to ensure silence – after all, none of us wants to listen to the sounds of the street. And safety? This one we probably don’t need to explain. 

DAKO products meet the highest standards for your safety and thermal and sound insulation. They have ECLAZ panels and unique thermal insulation inserts, acoustic glass, or additional security measures against burglary, such as a double-locking latch – all depending on your individual needs.  

Final words 

Choosing doors and windows is an important decision, but doesn’t have to be a difficult one! By keeping an eye on the right parameters, taking into account the best materials for your needs and design, you can easily choose joinery that will complement the appearance of your home. If you are looking for a complete, solid, and modern solution, be sure to check out HarmonyLine by DAKO. It is not only the fastest but also an extremely stylish option.  

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