Homes Are Becoming More Intelligent

Smart technology could be the newest “must have” for homes as it evolves. Technology seems to be everywhere. Smart home technology can give homeowners a sense of safety and security by allowing them to use their smartphones or other networked devices to control certain appliances and other features of the house like lighting, entertainment, security, and even heating/cooling. It can also help them save on energy costs and improve their home’s overall energy efficiency. 

Wondering how these features might be used with technology? Here are some answers. 


Smart lighting makes it easy to turn on or off the lights from any point in the house, or remotely. Having a central network or device that is connected to and controls all the lights in the house (like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home) can allow for remote access. No more getting up off the couch or out of bed to reach the switch when it can be right in your hand! Using lightbulbs that can be controlled from a smartphone not only makes life easier, it can also cut down on the use (and cost!) of energy. 


Various entertainment systems are the most commonly used tech item in most homes. The easiest and newest way to turn on the television or stereo/gaming system is from a smartphone. Misplacing the remote, having to switch out batteries, search for items on a keypad, or even turn it the system on manually from the device itself can be frustrating. Having a TV that can be remotely controlled from a smartphone and spoken commands rather than typing instructions should make those painful problems go away.


Safety is the most important thing in a home. Adding smart security systems can help new or existing homeowners feel more secure. Forms of technology-supported security can vary from sensors, to locks, to cameras, etc. These features can be controlled from a smart device, and in most instances, users have the option to be notified when activity is detected. 

Temperature Control

A smart controlled heating and cooling system can help reduce energy costs significantly in many areas of the country. These smart temperature control settings are easily accessible and anyone can learn to use them. Something as simple as an app that is controlled by a smartphone and hooked up to another device on the wall that monitors temperature settings can change the way people live in their homes. 

Adding smart technology to any home can give homeowners the control they need. 

By Kiera Gulley

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