Is 3D Printing the Future of Housing?

With the ongoing rising demands to create more housing stock, and with the rise in the cost of building materials, there becomes a need for innovation in finding new methods to build homes.

In the Innovative Housing Showcase, which took place last weekend in DC, a 3D printing machine was showcased, illustrating its ability to create wall sections and build houses in a matter of days. There have already been two houses completed with 3D printing machines like these, one in Williamsburg, VA and another in Richmond, VA. This has been a new popular approach lately that will continue to get noticed in the upcoming years, with the technology being adopted and progressed. Some might even argue that it will become the future of housing.

The machine works to create layers of concrete completing the outline of the home and inside walls in less time than any traditional building method, saving on time, and on the adjacent costs of the construction process.

Rapid construction methods are essential to creating homes that can be used to meet the rising demand in less time, and with this game changing technology the future of housing could drastically change.

By Sherin Sameh

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