Flexible Furniture Trends

Flexible furniture is exactly what it sounds like. It is regular-looking furniture that is specifically made to be used in a variety of ways. A piece that looks like a couch could be transformed into a table, chair, or even a bed in a matter of seconds and serve endless design and functional purposes.  

The more popular type of flexible furniture has hidden storage areas, such as a bench with deep empty space when the top is lifted and beds with drawers or hidden space underneath that look like part of the design. Stools that can double as side tables and a stepping tool are other examples of how multiple purposes can be achieved with a single furniture piece.

Flexible furniture is growing in popularity now that prices have increased for just about everything, and more and more homeowners are scrambling for more space. One piece of furniture that can be altered and used in different ways can save money and more importantly for some, space. 

As many have experienced over the past two years, trying to fit all desired furniture in a small or fixed space while maintaining functionality can be difficult. Studio apartments, set floorplan housing and even office space can pose challenges when trying to fit in everything that is wanted and needed. Using flexible furniture can be a practical way to maximize space and utility in a fashionable and efficient way.

By Kiera Gulley

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