Inspiration on the Drawing Board: Tribeca

Located about 500 yards from the sea, this Florida home opens airy interiors to the outdoors in several unique ways, including a second-level outdoor observation deck accessed by floating stairwell that achieves panoramic views of the grounds and shore. A sophisticated, simple design of cut and stacked horizontal volumes in stucco and furnished block compose the exterior, which is also characterized by flat roof lines, save for a metal shed roof capping the internal stairwell leading to the observation deck.

These forms are placed around an outdoor pool, patio, and hot tub to create a private cove of outdoor entertainment space. Black bands containing an internal gutter system wrap around each roofline to mitigate water collection. Glass expanses take center stage indoors, where common areas intersect without barriers, and supporting features, including hallways, a pantry, and the kitchen, weave around them. This home is made with forever in mind, and accessible features, such as space for an elevator shaft, wide door clearances, and a garage ramp, prep it for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Architect/Designer | Visbeen Architects
Photographer | Visbeen Architects

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