May is National Home Remodeling Month, Making it the Perfect Time to Refresh Your Home with New Stainless Steel Railing!


Wrought Iron railing replaced with stainless railing with glass panel infill.

In most multi-story homes, the stairs are positioned in a very visible, central location. That means when you walk in the front door, the stairs are usually the first thing you see. Also, because they are located closer to eye level, the railing system is often the first thing most people notice on the stairs. So, both from the perspective of their centralized location within the home and their elevated position on the stairs themselves, the railing on interior stairways is one of the most visible architectural components of interior living spaces.

Replacing your old railing is one of the most visually impactful remodel upgrades you can give your home! For many homes, replacing the old railing system with new stainless steel railing is one of the fastest-to-complete, lease expensive, most visually impactful remodel projects that can be undertaken.

The all-wood railing on the interior stairs have been replaced with stainless posts and stainless infill bars with a new wood top rail, adding a clean, modern aesthetic to this second floor landing.

The same holds true of railing in outdoor living spaces. People often see the railing system on a deck before they see the decking material that supports it. So, if you are looking for an area of your home where a modest investment can contribute in a large way to improving the appearance and enjoyment of either your indoor or outdoor living spaces, look no further than the railing systems.

New stainless steel posts powder-coated black with stainless cable infill and wood top rail, replace wood posts and wood infill balusters, opening up the view of the surrounding area.
The new stainless posts and infill bars better reflect the light in this space, when compared to the old wood components, increasing the visual appeal of the area.

How does the cost and complexity of railing replacement compare with other popular remodel projects?

Kitchen, bathroom, and primary bedroom remodels are quite popular. However, not everyone who visits a home will go into the kitchen, visit the bathroom or sneak a peek into the owner’s bedroom. These remodeling projects tend to be very expensive and typically require the work of experienced craftsmen. In contrast, replacing an old railing system with a new stainless railing is often less expensive than other common remodel projects (see chart below). And, almost everyone entering the home will immediately see the railing on the stairs.

Best of all, if the remodeler works with a railing manufacturer that fabricates 100% offsite, railing replacement is the type of project that can often be completed – by the least experienced person on the remodeler’s team – in just a few hours, and without the need of special tools, special know-how, or past railing installation experience.

Replacing wood balusters with a stainless horizontal bar rail system takes 40-years off this stairway!

Replacing your old railing can be a high return-on-investment (ROI) project compared to other common remodel projects.

Typical Remodel ProjectsAvg. Cost in 2020Avg. Cost in 2019
Replace Interior Stair Railing w/New Stainless System: **$6,200$5,512
Replace Deck Railing w/New Stainless Railing: **$8,456$7,792
Bath Remodel | Upscale: *$67,106$37,995
Major Kitchen Remodel | Midrange: *$68,490$40,127
Primary Suite Addition | Upscale: *$282,062$145,486
* Source: Cost vs. Value Survey 2020, HanleyWood
** Source: AGS Stainless, Inc.

Replacing existing railing with Custom Stainless Railing turns something that is functional into functional artwork, adding as much visual impact to your living space as a painting hanging on a wall, or a sculpture situated in a corner!

By replacing the vertical wood pickets with stainless steel cable, the owner minimizes obstruction of the surrounding area while reducing the amount of ongoing maintenance required to maintain the railing system on this deck.

Post courtesy of AGS Stainless.

About AGS Stainless: Fabricated 100% Off-Site, Custom-Made, All-Stainless Steel Railing Systems. For more than 30-years, AGS Stainless has fabricated custom-railing systems for some of the world’s most distinctive homes and commercial properties.

Why demand prefabrication for your custom rails? Whether you chose cable, glass or bar, or mesh panel for your infill – having the railing system built 100% offsite reduces product cost, improves product quality, and dramatically shortens installation time.

For more information, visit, watch this 1-minute video “Why AGS” or call us at (888) 842-9492.

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