4 Ways to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Whether it’s designing to expand outdoor living space or the desire to incorporate more nature in our designs, creating an outdoor oasis in model homes is important. We want potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying, relaxing and appreciating the great outdoors all with the convenience and comfort of the indoors. To help create that indoor-outdoor living dream, the following are some of the top trends designers at Lita Dirks & Co. have been incorporating in their model home designs.

1. Using Mixed Materials

Materials that were once considered for indoor use only are now venturing outside. The team at Lita Dirks & Co. have been using accessories and finishes such as soft rugs and fluffy cushions outside. In addition, traditional indoor lighting options, such as chandeliers, are being used outside as well. And, by combining this mixture of inside/outside materials designers can help create that outdoor refuge vibe. Further, the use of mixed materials not only enhances the vibe of the space, but also the overall usability of livable space, ultimately improving the I-could-see-myself-living-here thought pattern of a prospective buyer.

2. Keeping it Minimal

Designers in their office have been employing a minimalist design approach for quite a while, for both inside and outside. Keeping seating comfortable but not overdone is the strategy. Yes, you’ll need a place to rest your refreshing beverage, but you don’t need a table for every chair or an over-sized dining table that can seat twelve. When it comes to creating that outdoor oasis, less is more.

WB Homes, photo courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co.

3. Incorporating Splashes of Color

To help liven up the minimalist furniture, their designers are incorporating bits of bold color. Vibrant hues such as bright oranges, reds, yellows and pinks are beautiful and can help create a happy mood and inspire the imagination of the prospective buyer.

NEXTAdventure Home by Taylor Morrison, photo courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co.

4. Avoiding Matching Furniture Sets

There’s no need to rely on matching patio sets for a pulled-together look. Outdoor spaces provide the perfect opportunity to mix and match not only materials but finishes as well. A multi-patterned lounge chair next to a vintage metal side table can create a unique, appealing place to relax.

Parkwood Homes, photo courtesy of Lita Dirks & Co.

As interior designers and merchandisers, the overarching goal in all of their projects is to create beautiful spaces and inspire dreams. The team at Lita Dirks & Co. designs and merchandises to create outdoor spaces that are as stylish, comfortable and functional as their interior designs. By thinking outside the box of what “belongs” where, they are able to create wonderful outdoor spaces that inspire lifestyle dreams.

Post courtesy of Sue Ridgeway, Director of Marketing at Lita Dirks & Co., an interior design and merchandising firm based in Greenwood Village, Colo.

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