Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere

8060086411_d95504e67c_zPerhaps the most beautiful part of fall is the changing of green leaves to bright gold, fiery orange and velvety red. But they aren’t so pretty when they wind up brown and dry on your lawn, in your gutters, along walkways and even in the house.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you “fall” in love (loathe) with autumn leaves.

Keep gutters clean and free of debris. Leaves seem light, but packed together, they can wreak havoc on gutters and rainspouts. But cleaning them doesn’t have to be arduous. The DIY Network has these tips.

Rake like a pro. From the wind to your tools, when and how you choose to rake can be an easy endeavor or terrible task. Popular Mechanics offers advice on making raking worthwhile.

Get a workout. Believe it or not, raking and other yardwork can be really good for you. Find out how in this Men’s Fitness guide.

Put the leaves to good use. Gardener’s Supply Company has a very detailed list of how to prep leaves for use in next year’s garden, from shredding to the minerals and microbes that make leaves so beneficial.


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