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Community Design

Good Design at Any Scale

More options emerge to put form-based codes within reach A walkable, bike-friendly neighborhood with a harmonious blend of single-family homes, duplexes, and small-scale multifamily apartments. A lively mixed-use corridor with attractive retail storefronts facing trees, landscaping, and benches to create an appealing streetscape. These are just some of the outcomes that advocates of form-based codes […]

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Policy Watch

Yes, In My Backyard

Localities and States Push for Wider Acceptance of Accessory Dwelling Units

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Growing Food, Growing Community

At your last dinner party, did guests crowd in the kitchen? Why do people so often huddle by the stove rather than spread out in the living room? Because that’s where the food is. Food attracts people to congregate – a phenomenon that is increasingly reflected in planned communities around the U.S., with neighborhoods centered […]

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Connecting Community and Culture: A Decade of Creative Placemaking

A Creative Happy Hour in Bloomington, Minnesota, hosts activities ranging from live salsa music and dance instruction, free hot chocolate and dessert table, to an interactive 3D mural. In Los Alamos, New Mexico, the monthly downtown “On Tap” series promoted by Creative Los Alamos engages participants over food and drinks in discussion of topics in […]

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A View of Home—From Abroad

One’s home is traditionally a private space, encircled by a public space with neighbors, street, and houses on the block— intertwining home and community. Yet, while one’s housing needs will likely change over time, it is not always easy to adapt your house. Too big? Maybe it’s time to downsize. Too small? Well, look for […]

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Who’s Driving This? And Where are We Going?

A future with automated vehicles has been in sharp focus in every trend-watcher’s crystal ball for the past few years, with plenty of discussion about federal, state and local transportation policy, safety protocols, and whether self-driving cars can truly operate successfully in defensive driving mode to pass the Zombie Kangaroo Costume Challenge. Last month, an […]

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Tiny But Still Growing

Tiny homes made a big splash a few years back, with television shows, movies, websites, and blogs popping up to profile people living in very small spaces. While the initial novelty has receded, interest remains strong: Gen Xers and millennials are leading the way in sustained receptivity to tiny homes, according to a survey released […]

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Peak One Neighborhood: Live Near Where You Work

The Town of Frisco, in Summit County, Colorado, enjoys the tourist economy of Colorado mountain towns but is also familiar with the housing challenges typical of resort communities: a rapidly growing population, high housing and construction costs that outpace wages, and many second homes with part-time occupancy. To address a need for affordable housing for […]

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