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2023 Award Winners



Green Entire Home Remodel


Welling Court House


Astoria, New York

Architect/Designer | Ward 5 Design

Builder | Rey

Interior Designer | Ward 5 Design

Photographer | LeFevre

Our mission was to transform a one-family home in the heart of Queens, New York, into a sustainable haven that embraced the ethos of The Welling Court Mural Project. This project centered around the integration of sustainability through a three-point green priority system established by Ward 5 Design.

Maximize Material Reuse: The foremost commitment was to reduce waste and environmental impact. Through meticulous deconstruction, the team unearthed hidden materials within the existing structure, including original wide plank flooring and 2,500 handmade bricks from 1850, that were salvaged and reused in the new home.

Utilize Excess and Local Materials: The team opted to purchase excess stock and locally sourced materials within a 25-mile radius of the project site, reducing transportation emissions and supporting the regional economy.

Electrify and Achieve Passive Standards: The renovation extended beyond aesthetics. The team undertook a comprehensive gut renovation, converting the home to electric power and passive standards, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

From the Judges
This is a cool project. There are some interesting architectural details, and great reuse of materials.

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