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2023 Award Winners



Development 8 Stories & Over, For Rent


Verge at Buzzard Point


Washington, District of Columbia

Architect/Designer | SK+I Architecture

Developer | MRP Realty

Interior Designer | RD Jones & Associates

Photographer | Whitney Cox Photography

The Verge at Buzzard Point, a highly stylized luxury residential living apartment in Washington, D.C., features expansive, plush amenity spaces. This project aims to establish a youthful and industrial atmosphere with a poolside vibe near the Washington, D.C., ballpark, and targets young and ambitious individuals seeking a trendy environment.

The incorporation of structural elements such as angled columns, concrete floors, steel, bricks and beams blends residential comfort with an industrial edge to create a timeless, robust setting for creative residents. The choice of large-scale, comfortable and casually styled furniture with leather and woven materials enhances the overall comfort and aesthetics.

Curating art from local DC artists and sculptors brings diversity and a unique cultural touch to the collection, and contributes to the project’s hip, creative ambiance. This combination of design elements promises to create an inviting and enduring environment for the target demographic.

The Verge includes full-service fitness, sumptuous lounges, workspaces for meeting or solo productivity, a relaxing library with floor-to-ceiling windows and fireplace, an indoor-outdoor courtyard experience, and an unbeatable rooftop lounge. This new creation, elevates the residential experience to an unprecedented level of sophisticated apartment living, redefining living in Washington, D.C.

From the Judges
This project creates a younger vibe that’s more industrial, and does it well. The texture and simplicity of the exterior are appealing and create a loft-type feel. And the interiors are gorgeous, with beautiful finishes.

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