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2019 Award Winners



Development 4 - 7 Stories, Built for Sale


The Copley at Crown


Gaithersburg, Md.

Architect/Designer | Lessard Design Inc.

Builder | Morgan-Keller Construction

Developers | Michael Harris Homes | Streetscape Partners

Landscape Architect/Designer | McWilliams | Ballard

Photographer | McWilliams | Ballard

Copley at Crown meshes eclectic styles and optimizes important access points through its location, creating a context-focused and timeless design around mixed-use conveniences. Texture and material choice add playfulness for human visual interest.

Brick and mortar choice were carefully selected for enhancement of the industrial aesthetic, with added brick detailing and murals with a washed paint look to cement the industrial design. Completing the industrial adaptive reuse style, elevators blend in as  chimney stacks, like those found in industrial factories. Additionally, the profile of balconies were specifically designed bolted to the structure, aiding in the complete adaptive reuse look. The adaptive reuse-inspired industrial design aesthetic flows throughout every detail, continuing into the interior. Units feature window formatting, maximizing natural light with uniform proportions, brick interior detailing, and an outdoor space for every unit.

From the Judges
The project is done so well. What’s nice is that it looks like it’s been there a long time. The judges love the exterior architecture and the nice courtyard, giving the lack of open space. They praised how the signage was incorporated, the brick walls, and multiple unit types

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