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2021 Award Winners



Development up to 3 Stories, Built for Sale


The Prout at Eastern Market


Washington, District of Columbia

Architect/Designer | Square 134 Architects

Builder | Monarch Building & Development Corp.

Developer | Monarch Urban

Interior Designer | Monarch Design

Marketing Firm | McWilliams Ballard

Photographer | Studio Trejo

The Prout was originally built in the late 1800s as two stately rowhomes near the US Capitol. In the 1980s, the homes were converted into office space for an international nonprofit, losing much of their original charm and character. Monarch Urban acquired the properties and restored them to their original residential use through a collaborative process with the DC Historic Preservation Office and Capitol Hill Restoration Society.

The end result is a single building housing nine luxury condominium units, with many original details preserved and enhanced. New features include a prewar-inspired grand stair flooded with natural light and a lush garden and amenity space in the property’s generous rear yard.

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