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2020 Award Winners



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Cleveland, Ohio

Architect/Designer | Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

Photographer | Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

Designed for a Zero Threshold design competition, the concept encouraging urban design strategies that eliminate physical and social barriers. The concept is a cluster of modular homes featuring physically, socially, and economically accessible/barrier-free design and a shared communal environment: triple lot configuration as one shared block. Street-facing homes respect the rhythm and scale of the neighborhood character while clustered around an internal central community space designed for gathering, outdoor dining, kids play, and community gardening.

Accessibility to the courtyard from each home is provided by a raised circulation path, creating a level platform upon approach to the central garden from the street. The path has a porous edge to buffer between the path and the homes for snow accumulation. Accessory dwelling unit design is based on a modular tiny home model. A post-and- beam system offers infinite configurations of pre-fabricated walls, roof panels, and girders. Parts can be cut with CNC machines, shipped to the site, and assembled in a very short timeframe. Walls and panels are insulated and weather tight. Cost is less than $150/sf.

From the Judges
This can be brought into inner city neighborhoods with minimal disruption. It’s a cool concept, splitting lots to create higher density single family. It is 100 percent accessible for aging in place and has strong legs as a design concept.

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