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2023 Award Winners



Development 4 - 7 Stories, For Rent


The Edge


Charlotte, North Carolina

Architect/Designer | BB+M Architecture

Builder | Samet Corporation

Developer | Marsh Properties

Landscape Architect/Designer | LandDesign

Interior Designer | BB+M Architecture

Interior Merchandiser | BB+M Architecture

Photographer | Tim Buchman

The Edge at Sedgefield is in the heart of the South End neighborhood of Charlotte, a young and fast-growing mixed-use district just south of the city center. The project sits at the corner of Haverford Place and Poindexter Drive, one block off the main thoroughfare of South Blvd, and is part of a large mixed-use development that includes retail, office and residential buildings all within walking distance of each other and the South End neighborhood.

The Midcentury modern design aesthetic of the project includes clean lines and warm materials to create a modern, yet comfortable, living environment. The apartment complex is broken into two smaller buildings and multiple outdoor courtyards with a central spine connecting the buildings to maintain the site’s walkability and seamlessly integrate it into the Sedgefield neighborhood.

The design of The Edge extends the modern exterior detailing into all aspects of the interior and creates peaceful escapes that include lounges, game rooms, co-work areas, clubhouse, fitness, bike room, roof terrace, and pool.

From the Judges
The exterior on this project is killer. Changes in appearance occur over the length of the building intentionally to create a rich façade with lots to look at. The catwalk over the entry makes it look like more buildings cohesively built together instead of just one big building. And it has a great treatment for the exterior stair utility. The pool area also enjoys lots of visual interest on the exterior of the building around it. It’s really well put together.

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