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2020 Award Winners



The Game Changer


Plummer Residence | Cape May Signature Series

Judges' Discretionary Award for Lifestyle Changer

Benbrook, Texas

Architect/Designer | Couto Homes Inc.

Builder | Couto Homes Inc.

Landscape Architect/Designer | Couto Homes Inc.

Interior Designer | Couto Homes Inc.

Photographer | Norman & Young

This home needed to have some ADA features, as the owners have a disabled son. One thing they had struggled with in their previous home was their son being able to get to the shower on his own. The design team created a track system that goes across the room from the bed to the shower. The clients and their son were happy with the outcome, and he continues to use the track system in his day to day life.

From the Judges
This innovation likely changed the client’s life and is a game changer.

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