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2021 Award Winners



Specialty Project


Perez Project

Judges’ Discretionary

Suwanee, Georgia

This was a very intense project from start to finish. The client suffered a traumatic brain injury; the design concept was to create a living space around his individual disabilities and the abilities of his caretakers. This was to insure he would live comfortably and have the necessary rehabilitation space he would need to maintain independence, help with cognitive behavior, and stimulate his senses to have some enjoyment of life.

The modification was also meant to keep him safe and transport him safely, if need be. Key features include an accessible kitchen with induction range, accessible bathroom with 3-person shower, infrared sauna, roll-under vanity, overhead track system to accessible bedroom with built-in furniture, black-out blinds, a nurse’s laundry/locker room, and nurse’s bathroom. A sensory room includes a fiber optic shower, bubble tube, LED wall lights, fiber optic wall carpet, and a vibrating platform with audio surround sound and projector. There is also a video surveillance system, back-up generator, hoistway elevator, ramps, emergency exits, and many other amazing features.

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