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2023 Award Winners


Interior Architecture & Design

Specialty Room/Project, Production or Spec in a Home Priced over $1,000,000


Lake Front Juice Bar


Lake Oswego, Oregon

Architect/Designer | Renaissance Homes

Builder | Renaissance Homes

Developer | Renaissance Homes

Land Planner | Renaissance Homes

Landscape Architect/Designer | All Oregon Landscaping

Interior Designer | Renaissance Homes

Interior Merchandiser | Renaissance Homes

Photographer | Diana Sell Photography

The Lake Front Juice Bar is a beautiful example of a fun, flexible space. With its pop-up window, a turn of a latch immediately connects this interior space to an extensive outdoor living area that includes a heated barbecue porch, dining and lounging space.

The Juice Bar was designed to support not only the indoor/ outdoor connection but to make daily tasks a breeze. From juicing and smoothies to coffee and cocktails, all are prepared easily with fresh and frozen items all within arm’s reach.

Cleanup is just as easy with a second dishwasher and ample storage all tucked within the space. This bar not only supports beverages, but it connects the kitchen to the pantry serving as a secondary backup and/or prep kitchen.

When entertaining, the Juice Bar proves its worth as a well-placed serving counter. Whether hosted or self-served, guests can be directed to flow through the kitchen to the Juice Bar and grab a beverage as they transition to the outdoor spaces.

The styling options for this unique room are endless, and it’s easy to show off what this special room can bring both visually and functionally to a new construction home.

From the Judges
This is a great feature for a production home. It’s a very versatile design—including use as a functional butler’s pantry—with lots of options for the home owners, depending on their interests. 

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