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2021 Award Winners



Development 4 - 7 Stories, Built for Sale


King Street Station


Leesburg, Virginia

Architect/Designer | Lessard Design

Builder | Knutson Companies

Developer | Knutson Companies

Land Planner | Bowman Consulting

Landscape Architect/Designer | LandDesign

Interior Merchandiser | Model Home Interiors

Marketing Firm | NDG Communications

Photographer | Renee Alexander Photography

These condominiums were designed to fit both the aesthetic of the historic downtown Leesburg, while incorporating modern detailing such as the dark window trim. Much care was given to how these four buildings would be integrated into the downtown area and how to the height of the buildings could work within the scale and height of the neighborhood. This was achieved by scaling down the height of the buildings as they sit adjacent to smaller-scale residential neighborhoods.

Having been built on top of a previous millwork shop, it was important to re-purpose this area for the needs of the current market. The area is surrounded by both a rich downtown area and an existing single-family neighborhood. There had to be careful planning to be able to respect both neighborhoods, while still looking to fulfill a need for these types of units. The condominium residences also provide for a modern interior layout with beautiful kitchens and well-appointed owners’ suites. They are a combination of a beautiful exterior, in keeping with the rich history of the surrounding area, while also able to fill a much-needed niche residential community, walkable to downtown.

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