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2020 Award Winners



Addition, Indoor or Outdoor, Over $100,000


Gorgeous Outdoor Living


Vienna, Virginia

Architect/Designer | Michael Nash Design Build & Homes

Builder | Michael Nash Design Build & Homes

Photographer | Michael Nash Design Build & Homes

Tired of their home’s appearance, the clients agreed on a wrap-around porch big enough to give them a swing set and furniture space, but not too big to take over the front yard. The new front porch was implemented through major excavation and clearing dirt from two sides of the house.

The porch was roofed in dark bronze metal; columns were wrapped in a tapered shape over stone pillars. The ceiling cedar panels were stained with complementary tones with new paint on all-brick fascia. The walkway was chiseled flagstone that complemented the pillar stone and Trex decking on the porch floors. The side yard was cleared to have a large flagstone patio built with stone walls for wrap-around seating. A river stone water feature was built running into a fish pond to control drainage in the back yard.

From the Judges
The front porch totally changes the character and function of the house; that is one significant transformation. It is a lot more integrated and engaged with the rest of the house. It exceeded expectations.

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