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2020 Award Winners


Single-Family Production/Spec

Green Detached Home, Built for Sale


Flora Farmhouse


Seattle, Washington

Architect/Designer | Alloy Design Group

Builder | Dwell Development

Developer | Dwell Development

Green Verifier/Rater | Evergreen Certified

Marketing Firm | Three Six Oh Media

Photographer | Tucker English Photography

Flora Farmhouse stays true to Dwell Developmentā€™s sustainable design principles with minimalism above all. Eco-friendly, organic and sustainable materials, including reclaimed, locally sourced wood, are used to combine classic modernism with a hint of industrial farmhouse. The home is clean, fresh, and smartly designed. Intentional, thoughtful minimalistic design pair form and function, including warm tones, clean lines, an abundance of natural light, healthful smart home systems, and seamless indoor/outdoor living.

The home comes equipped for net-zero living with energy-efficient heating and cooling, an ultra-tight building envelope, high-performance windows, and a solar-ready roof. The home offers authenticity and craft with modern simplicity and timeless material choices, including metals, concrete, and sustainably harvested wood.

From the Judges
The judges praised the rear elevation with the garage and interesting materiality. This is a comprehensive green package.

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