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2023 Award Winners



Entire Home, Over $750,000


Engawa House


Los Altos, California

Architect/Designer | Ogawa Fisher

Builder | Coast to Coast Development

Photographer | Mikiko Kikuyama Photography

The Engawa House is a transformative architectural project in Los Altos, Calif. Surgical design moves allowed the home to flow more freely, breathing new life into a Midcentury home that once lacked the modern amenities and spatial efficiency desired by a growing family. The clients, who own a real estate business in the area and have a profound appreciation for Japanese design, found the property’s redeeming feature as a charming remnant of a central Japanese garden.

With a focus on family and accommodating visiting grandparents from Asia, the architect reimagined the entire space. The old garage was converted into an acccessory dwelling unit (ADU) while constructing a new garage and expanding other areas. The centerpiece is the garden, serving as a central organizing element. Inspired by the Japanese “engawa,” expansive, low-slung decks seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an open yet private environment.

This project marries timeless Japanese aesthetics with sustainability, featuring photovoltaic panels, an energy storage system, electric vehicle chargers, and water-efficient native plants. The result is a harmonious fusion of form and function, where the rich heritage of Japanese design meets the demands of contemporary living.

From the Judges
This peaceful home really is a true remodel/rehabilitation project. The way the remodeled home stuck to the original style of the home makes it feel like a renovation instead of a teardown. It’s amazing what they did to it. They took a different approach to the existing home, but it’s effective and makes an impact. A great example is the Zen garden. 

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