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2023 Award Winners


Single-Family Custom

One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 4,001 - 5,000 sq. ft.


Elk Mountain Ridge


Asheville, North Carolina

Architect/Designer | Vellum Architecture + Design

Builder | Osada Construction

Landscape Architect/Designer | Sitework Studios

Interior Designer | Well Appointed Home

Photographer | Skyler Perry Smith Photography

Elk Mountain Ridge is located on a large plot just off a popular road biking route. The client, an avid biker, wanted a home nestled in the landscape that would provide a sanctuary for their family in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The concept for the design was to optimize the connection with the natural environment and minimize the impact to the project site. The home was carefully sited to take advantage of two existing view corridors so that as many of the old-growth trees could be saved. To minimize site disturbance while optimizing views and daylight, the house is oriented with the contours along the long axis. This creates a long plan bookended by the owner’s suite and garage.

The main living space takes advantage of the primary view corridor and receives light from both sides by use of high clerestory windows. The contemporary open floor plan includes a central screened porch that can be opened with sliding glass doors to the kitchen and dining room. The owner’s suite occupies the most private corner of the home and is perched up on a steel support structure, hovering over the landscape. In addition to being a dramatic design, this allows the adjacent trees to remain.

From the Judges
All of the wood adds a warm dynamic that makes this home special —from the front and rear elevation to the special rooms. There are some really creative moves in this home as well, such as the bedroom floating out on the rear elevation.

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