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2020 Award Winners



Development 4 - 7 Stories, For Rent


Broadstone Arden at Park & Paseo


Santa Ana, California

Architect/Designer | AO Architects

Builder | Alliance Residential

Developer | Alliance Residential

Interior Merchandiser | H. Hendy Associates

Landscape Architect/Designer | MJS

Interior Designer | H. Hendy Associates

Marketing Firm | Palmer Public and Studio Fabric

Photographers | Vincent Ivicevic | Adrian Tiemens Photography

An obsolete industrial site safeguarded the core values of those that came before: nature, community, and urbanity. From their legacy, the design team harvested the elements for this mixed-use community, which is a model for the urban revitalization of central Orange County.

The site is centered around an existing data center, which functioned as both a physical constraint and an opportunity to establish a street edge for the central promenade. The five-story mixed-use development was sited in such a way as to invite and engage the public, connecting it to adjacent hospitality uses, nearby shopping, and entertainment destinations and future mixed-use neighborhoods. Beveled at the corner, the building invites visitors onto a pedestrian-scaled entry parkway. Ground-floor retail and large alcoves planned into the building’s street frontage create social space and allow for a sidewalk café culture. Amenities include a rooftop pool, spa retreat, and salt room. The neutral, modular façades are accentuated by whimsical balconies of colorful plexiglass. A host of chic lounge areas provide inviting gathering spaces. Unit floor plans include studio units on the street edge, capturing the active street scene via large glazed windows.

From the Judges
The judges praised the maximalism interiors and outdoor living spaces for residents and noted the pops of color on the façade, which they said are “very on-point” for Southern California. They appreciated that the design “worked in some volume spaces” and said that all the unit plans are solid. The community is a good fit for the area.

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