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2023 Award Winners



Design Detail


Birmingham Foyer Ceiling


Birmingham, Michigan

Architect/Designer | CBI Design Professionals Inc.

Builder | Thomas Sebold & Associates, Inc.

Interior Designer | Colleen Farrell

Photographer | Beth Singer Photographer

This detail is part of a small entry for a luxury condominium. The ceiling detail consists of a suspended plaster groin vault. The edges of the vault are completely floating, concealing the utility connections, accent lighting, HVAC and so on.

This is a fully handdrawn plaster finish over a custom fabricated metal form. The intent was to provide a counterpoint to the intricate floor detail below. This small space has all surfaces carefully crafted to create a special jewel box impact for the entry to this condominium.

This plaster form was also envisioned as the flower petals behind the delicate light fixture. Every element of the space was designed to work together as a series of related details creating a whole, unique entry.

From the Judges
This type of detail is hard to do well. It’s difficult and unique to execute, but this works well. 

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