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2017 Award Winners



Remodeling Specialty Project


Industrial Elegance


Austin, Texas

Downsizing to a downtown high-rise from a large home into the suburbs was made possible with a well-designed floor plan. To maximize the limited space, a dining room was created that can easily transform into a game room via a full-size, customized, blackened mahogany billiards table that easily converts back to a dining room table. Space is a premium, and to ensure minimum clearances for a cue, the remodeler replaced a standard, stud-framed wall with a thinner, steel-framed alternative that showcases colored-glass panes arranged in a Mondrian-inspired design. Another detail in the dining billiards room is the domed ceiling with polished Venetian plaster, which supports a custom chandelier that lowers at the touch of a button for game-play spot lighting.

From the Judges
The screen is so cool, Mondrian-like but not in the typical primary colors you’d expect; they really made art out of architecture

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