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2021 Award Winners



Entire Home, $250,001 - $750,000


70s Contemporary Transformed


Powell, Ohio

Architect/Designer | Residential Designed Solutions

Builder | Timbercrest Custom Homes

Photographer | ARC Photography

The clients initially asked for a kitchen and sunroom update. The existing sunroom had been added over a deck and was unsafe and unstable. But the small update turned into a whole house remodel as the conversation became a series of “what if” questions. As construction started, major structural problems were discovered, and all the exterior walls were stripped down to the studs to make things right. Electrical and mechanical systems were totally replaced at the same time.

The clients decided if they were doing all of this, they might as well update the exterior of the home to a style that they had always wanted. One final request was to incorporate a covered porch on the north-facing front exterior. Their cold 1970s contemporary became a warm and welcoming Craftsman home.

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