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2023 Award Winners


Interior Architecture & Design

Specialty Room/Project in a Custom Home Priced over $2,000,000


2785 Project


Boerne, Texas

Builder | Garner Homes

Photographer | Blue Bruin Photography

This home owner is a passionate gun collector with a meticulously curated collection of firearms. Ensuring a secure place for their prized possessions was paramount.

To address this need, the Gun Safe Room features impenetrable concrete walls and ceilings. While the robust Fort Knox in-swing vault door guarantees security, a discreet exterior concealment door ensures the room blends seamlessly, offering no hint of what’s behind.

Inside, the room is adorned with wall-to-wall gun racks and ample storage, all crafted from exquisite Belgian barnwood white French oak. Beyond its primary function as a gun safe, the room’s solid construction also allows it to double as a panic room and storm shelter.

From the Judges
If you’re going to have guns, you store them like this. It’s a safe, but beautiful, design. The woodwork for each gun is impressive.

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