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2022 Award Winners



Addition, Indoor or Outdoor, Over $100,000


Jimmy Lake


Bellevue, Washington

Architect/Designer | ProAdmin Services

Builder | Timberline Patio Covers

Marketing Firm | ProAdmin Services

Photographer | ProAdmin Services

The Lake Project involved building an outdoor kitchen, waterproof polymer deck, stairway, railing and recessed tub in the deck on a slope with a 14-month turnaround.

This was a complicated project with many people involved. The team was able to work together, during Covid, using a variety of communication methods to build exactly what the customer wanted. Engineering and geotechnical surveys needed to be done because the property was on a slope.

The outdoor kitchen is stucco, and the backsplash goes all the way to the bottom of the deck. The design has a Mediterranean look in the Pacific Northwest, which makes it very unique and aesthetically pleasing. The recessed tub in the deck worked well with the overall aesthetic of the outdoor living space.

From the Judges
The livability of this project is huge. The team did a lot with it. They really captured backyard and made it an event—it’s ‘staycation worthy.’

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