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2022 Award Winners



The Game Changer


Town at Trilith


Fayetteville, Georgia

Architect/Designer | Lew Oliver Inc.

Builder | Trilith Development

Developer | Trilith Development

Land Planner | Lew Oliver inc.

Landscape Architect/Designer | HGOR

Interior Designer | Multiple Designers

Marketing Firm | Cookerly

Green Verifier/Rater | SK Collaborative

Photographer | AJ Parker Media

This is a community where makers, entrepreneurs and storytellers can find fulfillment in every way. Sitting at the corner of comfort and possibility, the homes are each individually designed with intention and distinct from the rest. Across the way is a filmmaking destination with 700 acres of studios and the industry’s most sought-after creators and craftspeople.

Inspired by Europe’s walkable and picturesque villages, the Town at Trilith adds a modern twist and Hollywood luxury to classical architecture to create a harmonious blend of functional and beautiful places to live ranging from multifamily units to micro homes to mansions and more. Geothermal at every home and miles of trails augment a community devoted to individual and family health.

Creativity is a tenet of this town, whether in the classroom of its own school or through experiences in the community. A carefully curated collection of shops and restaurants for the Town Centre provides unexpected cuisine from award-winning local chefs and exciting wares and experiences from local boutiques.

From the Judges
The architecture is very unique for production homes—it almost looks like a European village—as is the use of geothermal energy for every home. The walking community/lifestyle-oriented approach to the site plan, including its mixed-use elements, creates essentially a microcommunity, and reflects a transition from designing for the baby boomer generation toward younger generations.

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