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2022 Award Winners



Green Community


Whisper Valley


Austin, Texas

Architect/Designer | ASD SKY

Developer | Taurus Investment Holdings

Land Planner | SEC Planning

Landscape Architect/Designer | SEC Planning

Interior Merchandiser | Creative License International

Marketing Firm | Anderson Hanson Blanton

Green Verifier/Rater | EcoSmart Solution

Photographer | Anderson Hanson Blanton

Whisper Valley is a 2,063-acre master planned community (MPC) that, at buildout, will include 7,500 square feet, multifamily residences, retail/restaurant, office, three schools, a transportation hub, parks and amenities. It is the largest sustainable community in the nation focused on energy efficiency, technology, the environment, healthy living and attainability.

The community features an innovative geothermal energy supply system as the basis of a comprehensive program that allows home builders to use their existing plans and vendors to build zero-energy capable homes at affordable prices by combining geothermal, solar PV, high efficiency appliances and smart home technology in a new way. The community also preserves 700 acres for green space for a 600-acre public park, a nature preserve, professionally managed mini-farms, pool, fitness centers, playgrounds, event lawns and an extensive trail system

Challenges include the approval by the city of this new development approach to install the geothermal system upfront with utilities; selling builders on trying something totally new; and educating consumers on the benefits of sustainable living in a pioneering location.

Whisper Valley has become an award-winning, successful MPC and is the model for future attainable sustainable development in the United States.

From the Judges
This project has a great story. The geothermal linking all the homes together is a strong feature, as are the walking trails and open green space.

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