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2022 Award Winners


Single-Family Production

Green Detached Home, Built for Sale


2021 NW Idea House


Woodinville, Washington

Architect/Designer | Lochwood Lozier Custom Homes

Builder | Lochwood Lozier Custom Homes

Landscape Architect/Designer | Lochwood Lozier Custom Homes

Interior Designer | Lochwood Lozier Custom Homes

Marketing Firm | Lochwood Lozier Custom Homes

Green Verifier/Rater | Built Green - Master Builders King & Snohomish

Photographer | Michael Walmsley Photography

The 2021 Northwest Idea House is a mix of modern aesthetics, inspired by its architecture and natural surroundings. By overlapping nature and living, the home has a very distinct relationship with its surrounding nature.

The home exudes a sense of calm as it invites you in with its light, airy foyer and direct views to the natural habitat beyond the glass doors to the exterior. Each space is built with intention, whether that’s to relax, heal, create or gather. Inspired by customers who changed their design layouts during this pandemic, people want to live in their homes as their safe place—a sanctuary, a self-contained health and wellness center.

Designing rooms to become media rooms, gyms, office spaces, spas and classrooms is more common. In this new era of work, play, and educate from home, this home can provide all of that. The ‘Zoom room’ is just one example—it’s not just an office space, but a place with a separate entrance, green screen and view to the outside so that working from home is productive and energizing.

From the Judges
This home features a nice connection between indoor and outdoor space to take advantage of the location.

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