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2022 Award Winners


Single-Family Production

Detached Home under 1,000 sq. ft., Built for Sale


The Bungalows


Charleston, South Carolina

Architect/Designer | Heather A. Wilson, Architect

Builder | Phillip Smith General Contractor LLC

Developer | The Beach Company

Interior Designer | Amanda Lindroth

Marketing Firm | Lovingood

Photographer | Keene Eye Marketing

Kiawah River offers the rare opportunity to live in a vibrant, new waterfront community near historic Charleston, S.C. Situated on 2,000 acres and encompassing 20 miles of shoreline and an extensive trail network, the community combines residential, retail and hospitality offerings in a natural riverside setting.

Nestled along a quiet creek, the Bungalows are the latest addition to Kiawah River’s diverse residential options of waterfront, wooded, and village homes and homesites. These built-for-sale one-bedroom detached homes are inspired by Lowcountry seaside dwellings with interiors featuring natural materials, textured finishes and timeless furniture. The 11 bungalow units offer water access with several launch points for exploring the Kiawah River and inland waterways, and provide access to the community’s amenities, including The Spring House, expertly maintained trails, a goat dairy, cattle farm and much more.

The primary challenge of the Bungalow’s design was maximizing this narrow parcel of land so that future tenants would have the greatest views of the Kiawah River, while also providing the appropriate utility services and parking to support these homes. The building was also constructed in a Coastal A Zone, which requires installation of wet flood proofing on the ground floor of all occupiable areas.

From the Judges
At just barely more than 500 square feet, this home packs a lot into its creative design. Attention to detail and built-ins create a cozy cottage that’s well appointed for its setting. Ample outdoor space helps expand the footprint and take advantage of the great location.

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