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2022 Award Winners



Affordable, Multifamily


Church Hill North | Armstrong Renaissance


Richmond, Virginia

Architect/Designer | Torti Gallas + Partners

Builder | KBS

Developer | The Community Builders; Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority; City of Richmond (Land Lessor)

Land Planner | Torti Gallas + Partners (Land Planner) Timmons (Civil)

Landscape Architect/Designer | Cite Design

Photographer | Brian Tomaino (TGP)

Church Hill North reflects the aspirations of its low- and mixed-income residents by bringing the best parts of town to a previously neglected quarter of Richmond. The neighborhood revitalization delivers 250 mixed-typology and mixed-income homes, a neighborhood center, a variety of park spaces, complete streets, and defined blocks on an almost 22-acre site. The Church Hill North | Armstrong Renaissance revitalization brings the fabric and character of the city’s aspirational, historic neighborhoods to the East End, reflecting, emulating and respecting the examples of Church Hill, the Fan and Monument Avenue as a shared heritage striving for equity in the 21st century.

At its core, this is a public housing revitalization that serves as a model for mixed-income, mixed-typology, mixed-tenure and mixed-finance affordable housing redevelopment. Its leveraged valuation and capital stack expertly layers city land and infrastructure dollars, state affordable housing financing from several tailored and varied programs, Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority operating and development capital, privately syndicated tax credit equity, and private sector non-profit development resources and expertise to deliver an exemplar of public housing transformation.

The multiphase project was substantially completed in the spring of 2022.

From the Judges
The development did a great job creating walkable streetscapes—it feels like a neighborhood.

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