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2020 Award Winners


Interior Architecture & Design

Specialty Room/Project, Custom


Mini Amphitheater


Grand Junction, Colorado

Architect/Designer | Soloway Designs Inc.

Builder | Porter Homes

Landscape Architect/Designer | Soloway Designs Inc.

Interior Designer | Celaya|Soloway Interiors LLC

Photographer | Kurt Munger Photography

Setting for musical inspiration: a 360-degree view of one of the grand landscapes of the American West, the Colorado National Monument. The music room — more of a mini amphitheater — blends acoustics and mountains for evenings of enjoyment.

Curved walls and ceiling soffitry not only build drama, but help create unique sounds, especially with acoustic material coatings. There’s wall space to display guitars and a desk area. With the sliding window walls closed, the room is acoustically balanced place to practice. Open the doors, especially in the evening, and it’s a ready-made stage for impromptu concerts, jam sessions, or sing-alongs.

From the Judges
This is so unusual and so well done. It fits well with the house and the outdoors. It’s great to be able to open it up and play to the outdoors. Very cool.

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