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2020 Award Winners



Development 8 Stories and Over, For Rent


Rise & Bolden


Tysons, Virginia

Architect/Designer | Shalom Baranes

Builder | Clark Construction

Developers | KETTLER | The Meridian Group

Landscape Architect/Designer | LandDesign

Interior Designers | Perkins Eastman (Rise) | RD Jones + Associates (Bolden)

Photographers | Matthew Borkoski | Scott Goodson

Rise and Bolden at The Boro are the focal points of a new, mixed-use development that is transforming Tysons into a world-class urban center in a historically office-centric market, establishing new benchmarks for design and development. Rise, a 32-story high-rise, features 404 luxury apartments in a hospitality-inspired setting. Bolden is its 13-story neighbor, with 133 eclectic boutique apartments.

Located a five-minute walk away from the Greensboro Metro Station, Rise and Bolden achieve the intended goals of creating transit-oriented developments near the county’s new Silver Line, which opened in 2014. The team faced many challenges during the planning and construction stages that led to innovative solutions. The urban planning introduced a grid of streets at a walkable pedestrian scale that had to be integrated into a historically car-based environment.

From the Judges
The judges praised the flow of the plans. The three different expressions work together very well. They noted the “really interesting” building configuration strategy and solution for the tight space. “Very ‘Jenga’.”

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