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2019 Award Winners



Addition, Indoor or Outdoor, Over $100,000


Outdoor Room


Asheville, N.C.

Architect/Designer | Griffin Architects PA

Builder | Bluestone Construction LLC

Landscape Architect/Designer | Griffin Architects PA

Interior Designer | Griffin Architects PA

Photographer | David Dietrich Photography

The project added a screened-in porch where the old outdoor patio used to be and a spacious new patio with a novelty gas fire pit and a handsome brick-and-stone grill surround. 

Pitching such a large addition near the previously added family room, which had the feel of a sunroom thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, presented some logistical challenges. The architect added a large box gutter to collect rain flow from a new roof transition that also serves an aesthetic function, allowing the new porch to be a seamless outgrowth of the extant architecture.   In other places, the architect took cues from the property’s compelling existing features to accomplish the style. A graceful eyebrow dormer echoed the curve of the original brick pathways. Roofing the new curve in copper was an opportunity to customize the home’s outward appeal. A vaulted, beamed ceiling adds architectural interest inside, with a minimalist/industrial ceiling fan imparting a fun contemporary touch.

From the Judges
Judges said the addition was beautifully executed, with lots of visual interest. It looks like it could have been there the whole time and is a perfect fit for this category. It’s a great little room.  

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