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2019 Award Winners



Student Housing


Tercero Student Housing 4 at University of California, Davis


Davis, Calif.

Architect/Designer | Mogavero Architects

Builder | Brown Construction

Developer | UC Davis Student Housing

Land Planner | SWA Group

Photographer | Davies Imaging Group

The design of the 506-bed student housing project has references to the surrounding buildings in scale, color, material, and overall expression. A cohesive language communicates each building’s function: arcades leading to main entries, highly transparent public areas, sheltering roofs, solid masses with window repetition for student bedrooms, and accents of color to signify entry points.  

The project is organized around five primary elements: Pavilion. The steel-and-glass community room states its importance for tenants, the campus neighborhood, and visitors. The scale and detail identify entry and sentry, by exposing layers of the spaces beyond. Plaza. The main entry to the courtyard is an active path to the dining commons and student services, flanked by high-energy spaces, the meeting pavilion and the recreation room.  Patio. The large roof overhang and trellis surrounding the pavilion protects the patio, providing a space to meet en route to dinner or socialize.  Porch. The entry to each building is identified by a front porch space beneath the stack of floor lounges above.   Park. Signifying the heart of the project community, the park provides a patch of green for casual hangout.

From the Judges
Judges liked the site plan and the relationship between the buildings.  

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