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2019 Award Winners



Historic Preservation/Restoration


Sherman Parsonage Historic Home Restoration


Fairfield, Conn.

A landmark in Fairfield, Connecticut, the Sherman Parsonage was built in 1816 for $20,000, the area’s most expensive of the time. It eventually served as a parsonage, and inspired a children’s book, The House with Sixty Closets. It sat quietly stood for two centuries until a devastating fire in September, 2017. After the fire, the property was slated for demolition when the builder purchased it in early 2018.

Determined to save the landmark, they worked with the historical society to save the front half of the structure, restore the original exterior, and reimagine the interior to include modern conveniences with a nod to the home’s original grandeur.  The end result is a mixture of 19th century-meets-sophisticated modern style, with all new framing, plumbing, electrical, and luxury finishes intermixed with elements saved from the home, including exposed beams and supports, and the original staircase.

From the Judges
This is a dramatic change. The restoration kept the character of the exterior very well and inserted a more modern interior.  

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