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2019 Award Winners



Design Detail


Orchid Conservatory


Sarasota, Fla.

Builder | Nautilus Homes

Land Planner | Hazeltine Nurseries

Photographer | Ryan Gamma Photography

The orchid conservatory, designed as a zen mediation space for the owner, features four walls of trellises to display orchids, an outdoor shower, lovely seating area, gates on both sides, and a relaxing bronze Cupid fountain that can be heard from the tub in the master bath. With ample space, orchids can be planted in floor pots or hung from the substantial lattice structures with oval portholes. 

The space steps down into a beautiful courtyard in the front of the home, enhancing its calming effect. Fragrant, flowering plumeria trees nestle the structure tightly, providing a stunning backdrop of color. The subtle sound of the fountain completes the bath for the senses.

From the Judges
The judges called the project very nicely executed and praised the beautiful detail.  

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