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2018 Award Winners



Student Housing


Arcadia on the River


Milledgeville, Ga.

Architect/Designer | Miller Architecture

Builder | Riversbend Construction

Developer | Sanctuary Companies, Inc

Land Planner | Miller Architecture

Landscape Architect/Designer | Land Design Services, LLC

Interior Designer | Studio 21 Interiors

Photographer | Tim Buchman Photography

Arcadia on the River is a 510-bed, $86/sf student housing village on the Oconee River marketed to fraternities and sororities. Various hierarchy of outdoor spaces accommodate various size fraternities and sororities. The comprehensive site and building design planning create generous outdoor rooms with picturesque vistas focused on fire elements.

Economy of design and speed of construction under residential code permitted duplexes and cottages to allow features that enhance the quality of time spent in this community. Traditional farmhouses are 32×32. Roofs above the square vary. Plumbing for identical en suites are spaced for standard truss spacing.

Metal roofing eliminates the need for boxing details, cutting the construction schedule at a crucial time. The fire-proof framing, concealed with black stain, allow the connection of porches to create exterior rooms, or cloisters, out of groupings of duplexes. Large porches have roofs shaped like the hand signal for “time out” as a whimsical touch. The asymmetrical brackets are tree-like and parallel the asymmetrical angles of the fireplaces designed by the architect.

From the Judges
This student housing has such a whimsical feel.

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