Author: Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki

Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki

Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki is the principal of tst ink, a marketing and branding firm focused on residential communities and land development.

Competitive Advantage: Customer Engagement

Homebuilding is a long-term, some say manufacturing business, where scale and success  depends on repeatability and controlling options. In the “pipeline economy,” where value was created by producers (home builders) and transferred to consumers (home buyers), brands and businesses were in control. They built what they built and priced it according to market determined by […]


The Efficiency Mindset and Its Impact on Home Design

Algorithms. AI. Robots. Augmented reality. Attainability. The iBuyer. Everywhere we turn today, and in every industry, the talk is all about efficiency. How will you beat, or at least compete, with Amazon? Is one day shipping fast enough? How can you remove outdated, rigid processes from the consumer journey? How can automation eliminate waste or […]


Designing the Future, Inclusively

Featured image: Laureate Park in Lake Nona, photo by Dana Hoff and MacBeth Studio “The outcomes of design carry the imprints of the professionals who crafted them. They are scratched and scored by the remnants of their creators’ thought processes and assumptions. Even after the architect or designer is long gone, their mark endures. The […]