Author: Sue Ridgeway

Sue Ridgeway


Using Masculine Designs to Appeal to All Buyer Profiles

One of the key features of a successful model home is that it will appeal to all buyer profiles. Each model should reflect broad tastes—but incorporate the Third Layer Principle—that will allow every buyer to see him or herself in the home. Depending on your market, you may want to consider incorporating “she” or “he” […]


4 Ways to Create an Outdoor Oasis

Whether it’s designing to expand outdoor living space or the desire to incorporate more nature in our designs, creating an outdoor oasis in model homes is important. We want potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying, relaxing and appreciating the great outdoors all with the convenience and comfort of the indoors. To help create that indoor-outdoor living dream, the following […]


5 Ways to Add Flare to a Feature Wall

For years now, the inexpensive option of paint has been the “go-to” for creating a feature wall in homes. But lately, designers are starting to rely less on paint and are exploring other creative options to add flare, color, pattern and texture to a feature wall. Designers at Lita Dirks & Co. share their techniques […]


Designing Show-Stopping Amenities

Interior designers work with builders to create spaces that inspire dreams and evoke exceptional experiences. One area in particular that exceptional interior design can inspire dreams are in a community’s amenity space. A well-thought out and strategically designed amenity space can create a true sense of neighborhood and community. It can take the shape of […]


7 Design Tips to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

1. Light and Bright Darker shades are definitely design friendly these days, but in a small space they can make the room feel confined. Use these dramatic, deep tones in smaller doses on accents like decorative pillows, area rugs, or art. To create a bright, fresh feeling, keep lighter hues on larger surfaces such as […]


Making the Sale: The Importance of a Buyer Profile

In the not too recent past, simply having a model home was often enough to set you apart from other builders. Times have changed. Staying competitive requires builders provide a strategically designed and artfully merchandised model home, or even spec homes. One way to accomplish is to engage a professional interior merchandising firm in your […]


Incorporating Color and Nature in Design

Color, Nature, and Design Biophilia, or the love of nature, is the concept that humans are innately attracted to nature, and it holds true that humans are drawn to all things in the natural world. It follows then that incorporating a biophilic-focused design strategy in model homes can be quite effective in improving sales. Further, […]


Designing Outdoor Areas to Expand Living Spaces

We often talk about the impact of bringing the outdoors into the interior design of a home. However, just as important is expanding the living area by extending the indoors to the outside. Designing in such a way as to create seamless experiences and expand living areas helps to take advantage of often neglected outdoor […]