Author: Sue Ridgeway

Sue Ridgeway


Making the Sale: The Importance of a Buyer Profile

In the not too recent past, simply having a model home was often enough to set you apart from other builders. Times have changed. Staying competitive requires builders provide a strategically designed and artfully merchandised model home, or even spec homes. One way to accomplish is to engage a professional interior merchandising firm in your […]


Incorporating Color and Nature in Design

Color, Nature, and Design Biophilia, or the love of nature, is the concept that humans are innately attracted to nature, and it holds true that humans are drawn to all things in the natural world. It follows then that incorporating a biophilic-focused design strategy in model homes can be quite effective in improving sales. Further, […]


Designing Outdoor Areas to Expand Living Spaces

We often talk about the impact of bringing the outdoors into the interior design of a home. However, just as important is expanding the living area by extending the indoors to the outside. Designing in such a way as to create seamless experiences and expand living areas helps to take advantage of often neglected outdoor […]


Design a Bedroom Sanctuary

Creating a bedroom retreat that homeowners day dream about is a breeze with these clever design ideas.


How to Use Color to Enhance Home Sales

Many people tend to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to color. But is that the best path to win over buyers? The use of color can be a fun and powerful way to create a mood and elicit a desirable vibe in a model home’s interior. Color can enhance home sales […]


Five Simple Design Ideas to Help a Home Office Shine

Whether running a business, managing the family’s finances, or conquering homework, today’s home offices have become an integral part of how families live in their homes. To help meet the needs and desires of home owners, NAHB member and award-winning interior designer Lita Dirks shares five simple design ideas to help a home office shine. […]


Floor Plan Mistakes (and How to Stop Making Them)

As a home builder, you know that a well-thought out floor plan can make all the difference in your ability to sell your homes. However, knowing does not always guarantee doing. Your interior merchandiser can help, but only so much. It is better to avoid these common floor plan faux pas from the get-go. While […]