1984 Prizewinner: Bridgeporte

Streamlined and bold, this 1,538-square-foot prizewinner in Chandler, AZ reflects the trend toward updating tried-and-true styles for today’s home buyers.  Here, traditional ornamentation is downplayed, and imaginative use of glass is the star.  Inside the house, the public areas receive generous space without shortchanging the bedrooms.  A vaulted ceiling and arched windows crown the living/dining room and showcase an inviting window seat in a floor-to-ceiling inset


  • The exterior design offers a contemporary departure from tradition, resulting in a cleaner look.
  • Slightly downsized bedrooms let the living areas get the lion’s share of the space.
  • Round-top and multipaned windows give the house style and distinction, as well as an abundance of natural light.
  • Design: Aram Bassenian& Associates, AIA
  • Builder: A.M. Community Developers
  • Interiors: Color Art Design
  • Photographs: Kim Brun
  • Field editor: Sharon Haven

When launched in 1984, BALA was advertised as a nation-wide contest for home builders sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, Professional Builder magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens. The information and pictures associated with this prize-winning home were originally published in the July 1985 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

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