BALA Celebrates Inductees Evans, Mirontschuk & D. Davidson

Donald Evans, Class of 2013*

Donald Evans built an impressive reputation with The Evans Group, a Florida-based architecture and planning firm. Evans founded the firm in 1975.

A 1969 graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in architecture, Evans’ strong vision coupled with a focus on Floridian architecture allowed him to develop a booming enterprise, not only in a state where there was once few architects, but in 20 states across the country. The Evans Group covers all aspect of residential design — from land planning to hardscape design, from architecture to interior architectural detailing and from interior design to landscape design.

Aside from being an accomplished member of organizations such as the American Institute of Architects and Urban Land Institute, Evans was also awarded the Professional Achievement Award for Architecture from Professional Builder Magazine in 1988 for his cutting-edge leadership in the housing industry.

The Evans Group has accumulated in its professional repertoire over 750 national and regional awards, leaving behind a powerful legacy for years to come in residential architecture.

Victor Mirontschuk, Class of 2015

As the president and founder of EDI, with degrees in architecture and urban studies from the University of Arkansas, Victor Mirontschuk also serves as chairman and chief operating officer. He oversees the operation of the firm’s offices in New York, Texas and California.

Mirontschuk leads the design of commercial, single-family and multifamily developments from EDI’s award-winning New York City office. He is an innovator in the design industry and well respected for his ability to positively affect the fabric of the communities EDI designs.

As such, he is widely published by industry magazines — including for his stunning photographs — and is a frequently requested speaker on topics of residential design and planning at national conventions such as the International Builders’ Show and American Institute of Architects. Mirontschuk has also been centrally involved in the Best in American Living Awards program over the years and has led the awards judging a number of times.

Dawn Davidson, Class of 2022

Dawn Davison graduated from Woodbury University with a bachelor of science in interior design/architecture. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for design, she launched Design Line Interiors, Inc., in 1985, at the age of 25. The firm quickly became a respected brand known for delivering emotionally charged interiors. Today, Design Line Interiors is one of the nation’s most sought-after interior design firms.

Davidson and her talented team have designed thousands of interiors over the years, including boutique hotels, private residences, model homes, sales centers, multifamily projects, commercial projects, and community club houses and amenities. Design Line Interiors’ ability to translate a creative vision into functional, yet inspiring, spaces extend throughout the world, with projects located in the United States, Mexico, China, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

In 2021, Davidson was honored with the esteemed Max Tipton Award, acknowledging a visionary leader’s pursuit of creative ideas and innovations, while contributing to the advancement of the building industry through the consistent sharing of knowledge and mentoring of others. In 2022, Davidson sold Design Line Interiors and embarked on a new design journey, Dawn Davidson Design. Combining her passion for interior design and love of architecture, Dawn finds delight in traveling and developing family projects as well as remodeling older homes.

*Has passed away since receiving the award.

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