Remodel of the Week: Midcentury Kitchen: Openness

The original 1975 layout left the entry cramped and the kitchen restricted. The floor plan begged to be opened up and natural light extended to each corner.

The bookcase serves many purposes. The structural posts are hidden within the walnut uprights. The floor-to-ceiling height draws the eyes up, and helps to define the two sitting areas. It also allows the owners to personalize the living area with items that tell their story.

All the custom-built, rift-sawn walnut pieces are created with clean contemporary lines and softened by the warmth of the lightly stained wood. The existing wood floors were salvaged, and the old kitchen space was laced in with new hardwood, with the browned stain blending into the original wood species.

Judges’ Comments | This project showcases a big improvement over the initial kitchen. The team really thought outside the box and got a lot out of the budget. The livability is huge, which makes an impact on the residents’ life.

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