1995 Judges Special Recognition Award: Chelsea Modular

Chelsea Modular Homes of Marlboro, New York has introduced housing modules providing flexibility in interior layout as well as a level of style that is unusual in factory-built housing.  The first Georgetown model comprised 2396 square feet with hard costs of construction of approximately $47.  Developed by architect David Martin, who also has an industrial design background, the Georgetown’s rafter-roof system differs from the hinged-truss systems used by the majority of modular housing companies to facilitate the roof’s transportation.  The rafter system allows the company to make a roof with any slope desired by the buyer.

Most of the house is composed of five simple “boxes,” two for the first floor and three for the second level.  While the core area contains required features, the plan accommodates different room configurations suited to individual lifestyles.  Buyers are offered a variety of possible elevations, plus a choice of exterior and interior finishes.  After the plan has been approved, the normal time of delivery to the site is five weeks. The house can be erected and 95% complete within 10 hours.

  • Builder: Chelsea Modular Homes, Inc.
  • Architect: David Chase Martin

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