1995 Home of the Year: 4,070-Square-Foot Custom Build

Judges found a beautiful marriage between the outside and the inside materials. By using the weathered timbers, adobe, stone, and Mexican tile, builder Shiloh Custom Homes took the color and the materials from the landscape and brought them inside. This house reflects the trend of informality in America. Level changes and ceiling heights were executed cleanly in this house. The rooms are of the proper proportions to feel warm and cozy, night or day. The floor plan, interior architecture, and overall casual sophistication of the house make this home suitable for many.

Builder: Shiloh Custom Homes, Scottsdale, Arizona

Architect: Urban Design Associates, Scottsdale, Arizona

Interior Design: Bess Jones Interiors, Scottsdale, Arizona

Landscape: Nell Vecchia and Associates, Scottsdale, Arizona

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