Multifamily Spotlight: Copeland

With a nod to Grand Prairie’s heritage, Copeland mixes traditional and eclectic by combining classic prints and materials and adding a touch of whimsy. Art and graphics are pulled from the local landscape while raw, refined materials such as aged wood, reclaimed brick, custom artwork and metal planters strike a balance of vintage charm and modern appeal. Utilizing reclaimed materials and furniture adds a warmth and character to the space while also adding durability. Concrete, stone, and quartz add balance and texture.

Copeland’s unique aesthetic is a departure from the standard suburban designs of other area developments, giving residents and the city a unique urban experience within a suburban model. The team was challenged to create an efficient product on a modular chassis that did not have a repetitive look and feel. Using bold but simple forms and faux parapet detailing, the project achieves this while creating the look of a sophisticated urban neighborhood.

Exterior materials are simple and straightforward. Cementitious materials were detailed in various ways to bring variety and texture to the façade without complicating construction. These efficiencies also allowed the team to deliver a superior product with enhanced amenities at an achievable rent rate.

Architect/Designer | JHP Architects
Builder | NRP Construction
Developer | The Wolff Company
Interior Designer | Private Label International
Photographer | Daniel O’Connor Photography

Judges’ Comments | The architecture on this project is simple, clean and well-proportioned.

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