Creating Outdoor Retreats

Taking steps to improve the privacy of a small backyard can be a wonderful way to make outdoor spaces feel more secluded and enjoyable. The following ten ideas can help to get there:

1.           Fencing: Install a suitable fence around the backyard. Depending on local regulations and homeowner preferences, various materials such as wood, vinyl, bamboo, or metal can be used. Consider a taller fence or one with added trellises to support climbing plants.

2.            Hedging: Planting tall bushes or evergreen shrubs can form a natural barrier around a backyard. Leyland cypress, arborvitae, or bamboo are some options that grow densely and can provide excellent privacy.

3.             Climbing Plants: Utilize trellises or pergolas and grow climbing plants like ivy, wisteria, or jasmine to cover them. This will not only add privacy but also create a beautiful green backdrop.

4.            Curtains: Install outdoor curtains on one or more sides of a patio or pergola. They not only provide privacy but can also add a touch of elegance to the space.

5.             Living Wall: Consider creating a living wall or vertical garden using planters or hanging pots. This can add greenery and privacy to a small backyard without taking up much space.

6.            Portable Partitions:  Use folding screens or portable partitions strategically to block views from certain angles or create designated areas with more privacy.

7.             Water Features: Installing a small water feature, such as a fountain or a water wall, can help mask noise and add a sense of seclusion to a backyard.

8.             Tall Planters: Position tall planters with dense foliage strategically to block unwanted views from neighboring properties or public areas.

9.              Canopies or Pergolas: Installing a canopy or pergola over seating areas can not only provide shade but also add a sense of enclosure and privacy.

10.             Lighting: Thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting can create a cozy ambiance and obscure views into the space at night.

Designing an inviting, private, and functional outdoor living space, will extend the walls of your home so you can spend more time with family and loved ones during summertime.

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